5 Easy IQ Option trading tips that you need to follow to become pro trader

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First of all, a very hearty congratulations that you decided to make trading as your career. and I can completely understand the basic questions that you have in your mind regarding IQ option like How to trade on IQ option? and How to become successful trader?


Don’t worry, In this article, I will try to cover each and every doubt that you have in your mind.


Getting Started with IQ option


Your first and foremost step is to open an IQ option account. in case you don’t have one click here or you can sign up via the form below.


Types of trader


Your second step is to decide which type of trader you want to become.


  • Swing traders: Swing traders are the type of traders who want to take Less risk. In swing trading, you need to take long-time trades of two hours, three hours and more.


  • Intraday traders: intraday traders are the type of traders who are ready to take moderate risk. In intraday trading, you need to take 10 minutes to 30 minutes trades.


  • Aggressive traders: Aggressive traders are the type of traders who trade aggressively and are ready to take the high risk. In Aggressive trading, you need to take 1-minute – 5-minute trades.


Types of assets


Once you have landed to your a trading dashboard from here you can select your desired assets and commodities. but it is very important to select volatile assets or currencies especially if you are a beginner. assets like USD / JPY, and NZD/USD are considered less volatile.




If you really want to become a pro trader you need to learn the proper basics. chapters like Support and resistance and Moving average are the ABC of trading. and I personally believe each and every trader must understand the chapter properly.


Final words


Getting started with IQ option is very easy. however, earning money with trading is another thing.

You need to select your trader type. If you are a beginner I would suggest you become a Swing trader next select your asset properly and learn the basics in order to become a good trader. I will also suggest you select good indicators like RSI and Stochastic and learn good money management strategy.


I hope you have found this article helpful. aur highly suggest you start trading with the IQ option demo account where you will get $10000 in your demo account. I wish you a very best of luck

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